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Readers Respond: Share your advice on what not to do in London

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From the article: Things to Not Do in London
You've seen my advice on things to never do in London but what advice would you give to someone coming to London who doesn't know the unwritten rules here? Your tips

Personal security.

London is like any other big city, there are many very clever pickpockets and a small number of muggers who are always out to make a quick buck! When I come into town, I only take what I need for my day and remove all cards and money from my wallet which I don`t need. I call this "Damage Limitation!" It could save me a hellavalot of hassel if I become a victim. Don`t just rely on the old adage "it won`t happen to me!!" Most accomodation will have a `safe box`somewhere USE IT!!
—Guest Richard Birch


Don't catch a bus unless you're sure where it goes. London buses have complicated routes and you can waste a lot of time if you get lost.
—Guest Ed


Never set off without your A-Z or Google maps on your smartphone.
—Guest KidsTravel2

Don't Stereotype

This is a tip for Londoners and how they regard American visitors. Please don't stereotype and assume that just because a visitor is American s/he prefers to eat at McDonalds (or another American-style junk food chain). While out for a late evening walk during the Olympics, we asked a gentleman for directions, and his first knee-jerk response was "The McDonalds is just over there." This was rather offensive to our small group, and when we commented the man was immediately apologetic, but it left us with a poor impression because we had been stereotyped. Just as in London there are people of all types and preferences, so likewise not all Americans eat fast food or do the other noxious stereotyped things that are identified as particularly 'American'.
—Guest Jan

Don't presume we don't know languages

Don't stare at people or talk about people because you think, they don't understand your language. The world lives in London, we all look different and we might speak your language too.
—Guest @Christine


Don't take the tube from Embankment to Charing Cross. It's within spitting distance and an easy above-ground walk!
—Guest Josie

Oxford Street

Sure, there are lots of chain stores on Oxford Street which make it appealing to some but London has many better places to shop. Consider the markets for something one-off or the Spitalfields/Brick Lane area for something quirky and super-trendy. Don't make yourself stand out as an 'out-of-towner' by spending a day on Oxford Street shopping browsing.
—Guest John

Your tips

Share your advice on what not to do in London

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