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Readers Respond: Where do you shop for chocolates in London?

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From the article: Chocolate in London
There are many more great chocolate shops in London and I'd love to know which is your favorite. Fave London choc shop

The Melange

I have tried also a nice chocolatier, who held the shop The Melange in Bellenden road in London. The chocolatier produces very nice chocolates and she offers the possibility to do workshops with tasting wines and chocolates or with making your own chocolates. You have to try it if you don't know it yet. For the curious: http://the melange.com the chocolate bars are really nice because they are made with several natural flavours such as Orange and Chilli or coffee and aniseed. Best regards
—Guest Antoine


Not so much a chocolate shop as a chocolate experience! MyChocolate holds amazing workshops that show people how to make and decorate their own chocolates including giant chocolate buttons and truffles. You get to make, wrap and take home lots of chocolate and they teach you about the history of chocolate as well. They have kitchens in London, Manchester and Brighton. Their website is www.mychocolate.co.uk
—Guest Sally

Fave London choc shop Demarquette

Best kept secret amongst London chocolate shops is Demarquette in Chelsea. The entry before me mentioned Fortnums fresh counter where I also go to buy my Demarquette chocolates. Definitely have the x factor.

Montezuma in Spittalfield

Got to have Montezuma in Spittalfield, my wife says they are better than Charbonnel & she loves Charbonnel.
—Guest Nic Wing

Fortnum Mason

I've always liked the fresh chocolate counter at F&M as it makes a wonderful gift with the pretty wrapping (no extra cost).
—Guest Sally

Fave London choc shop

Where do you shop for chocolates in London?

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