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Greenwich London Day Out


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Greenwich Park
People enjoying a sunny afternoon in Greenwich Park with a view across the London skyline.

People enjoying a sunny afternoon in Greenwich Park with a view across the London skyline.

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Although the grounds have been used by nobility since the 1400s as hunting grounds and a source of freshwater for Thames-side mansions, the layout of the park primarily reflects Charles II's desire to have French style formal gardens to set off the new palace that he planned (but did not build) on the waterfront. In the early 1660s, Charles II hired Le Notre, gardener to Louis XIV of France, to design the plans for the park. Although these plans were not fully realized, the outlines of the design can be seen in the rows of trees that line many of the park's paths.

The Boating Pond is open in the summer months and offers pedal and rowing boats. There is also a 9ft sundial next to the pond that children can walk on.

The Children's Playground started around 1900 as a large sandpit to create 'Seaside in Greenwich Park' as a safe place for local youngsters to play. It has since been modernized and offers climbing frames with scrambling tubes, a Wendy house and slide, and more.

If you are here in September or October, do look for conkers as there is a traditional children's game you can play with these seeds. Find out more: Conkers in London.

Greenwich Royal Observatory is on top of the hill. The pathway up can be a little steep, especially if you are pushing a stroller. If you'd prefer a longer but easier way, follow the signs for the accessible path, which winds around the back of the hill up a more gentle slope.

If the climb up the hill in Greenwich Park to the Royal Observatory is not enough for you and want a really exciting climb why not consider climbing over The O2 at Up at The O2?

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