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William Blake London Walk

Learn about The English Poet


William Blake London Walk

William Blake

On Sunday afternoons you can join a guided walk around central London to learn about William Blake - where he lived, worked, and studied.
(Note, do book in advance as the walk is not on every week.)

Blake loved London and even wrote a poem about this great city. Read William Blake's London poem.

Blake may be most famous for writing Jerusalem which many English people view as fondly as they do the National Anthem.

On this walking tour you will see where...

  • Blake saw the face of God at a window
  • Blake nursed his younger brother on his deathbed
  • Blake held his one and only solo exhibition - a flop
  • Blake wrote Songs of Innocence
  • Blake enjoyed his nuptials
  • Blake was one of the English shopkeepers whom Napoleon was so afraid of
  • Blake met Oliver Goldsmith
  • Blake was swept away by a mob of Gordon rioters
  • Blake "did secretly rage" against his art teachers
  • Blake spent approximately 14 years writing and engraving Jerusalem
  • Blake twice received visits from Coleridge
  • Blake bought his porter

Christopher Twigg (poet/painter/songwriter) describes the William Blake Walk as "The best thing you can do on a Sunday afternoon in London."

William Blake Walk - Details

Note: Please book to confirm your place.
  • Day: Sunday
  • Time: 3pm
  • Meeting point: Jewelers shop on corner of South Molton Street and Oxford Street
  • Nearest tube station: Bond Street
  • Price: £6.00 (£3 concessions)

Booking and Further Information

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