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London Vegetarian Restaurant

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Tibits Heddon Street London
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Tibits opened in 2008 and is an all-day, boutique, vegetarian restaurant that doubles as a drinks venue too. It's popular 'Food Boat' offers over 40 hot and cold dishes every day.

Many enjoy eating in but the 'tibits to go' take-away option is popular as well.

Tibits is included in the Top 10 London Vegetarian Restaurants.

About Tibits

Tibits is near Piccadilly Circus in central London, is opposite the Ice Bar London, and is part of the Regent Street Food Quarter.

Tibits is associated with Zurich-based Hiltl, Europe's oldest vegetarian restaurant at over 100 years old, but Tibits is young, fresh and modern. The dishes have Asian, Indian and Mediterranean influences and it's all about offering healthy food: "Food that loves you back" is their slogan.

This large restaurant is on two levels, ground and lower ground, plus outdoor dining. There is flock wallpaper and velour seat covers in greens and deep pinks but it's certainly not hippyish or overtly 'vegetarian'; it's a calm, chilled environment with a relaxed vibe. Lighting is dimmed in the evenings and there's funky background music.

Food Boat

Tibits Heddon Street London© Laura Porter, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Food is bought buffet style by weight and you can choose from over 40 fresh, seasonal, hot and cold dishes. Simply take a plate (hot or cold available) and serve yourself from the 'Food Boat' then pay by weight at the counter (there are scales at each sales point) and order your drinks. Once you've paid you can go back to the Food Boat and choose your free bread roll of which there are many varieties.

Hot dishes are changed daily so you can eat here regularly and keep on trying something new. The cold dishes include their signature dried bean salad and Mediterranean salad as well as many other salad varieties.

The dishes are being monitored all the time and I saw a chef constantly changing and replenishing the options during my last visit. He obviously had high standards and was always checking and wiping up any spillages between the dishes.


Fresh fruit juice mixes (I love the Ginger-Carrot-Apple) and other soft drinks; tea, coffee and chocolate specialties; plus alcoholic options: aperitifs, cocktails, wine, organic beer and cider. There's also a fountain available for free tap water.

Take-away Options

If you'd prefer to grab something to eat elsewhere, the 'tibits to go' fridge has salad mixes, and there are sandwiches and pastries at the counter so you can still eat well even when in a hurry.

Child Friendly

The Kid's Lounge downstairs is popular with families and children love the chalkboard wall and toy selection. There's an elevator (lift) to get you, the kids, and a buggy downstairs safely too.

Babycinos (frothy milk with a sprinkling of chocolate powder) are free for young visitors and parents praise the 'instant gratification' of choosing exactly the food they and their family want to eat and not having to wait to place an order then wait for the food to be brought to the table. If when you pay at the counter you have more than you can carry, staff will always help take food and drinks to your table.

Who Dines Here?

As well as the young families in the daytime, and the regular lunchtime appeal for local workers, Tibits is popular with shoppers in the area as it feels like a haven of calm from the chaos of nearby Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus.

I like to stop by for dinner with friends as the welcome is always warm and it leaves you feeling relaxed at the end of a busy day.

Many visit just for drinks which starts out as coffee in the afternoon and moves onto a bottle of wine to enjoy together in the evening.

I've also seen regular single diners who simply enjoy healthy, fresh vegetarian food in a comfortable and welcoming environment.


Prices per 100g at the Food Boat go up slightly in the evening but I've always been able to enjoy a filling meal for well under £10. On my last visit I had a main meal and dessert plus drinks with a friend and the bill was still under £30.

Contact Details

Tibits Heddon Street London© Laura Porter, licensed to About.com, Inc.
12-14 Heddon Street
(Off Regent Street)

Telephone: 020 7758 4110

Official Website: www.tibits.co.uk

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