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Things to Do in London


London has so much to offer for all age groups and budgets. Find out about the things to do in London from the best of the big name attractions and some more recommendations.
  1. London for Free
  2. London with Kids
  3. Major London Attractions
  4. London Hidden Gems and Off The Beaten Track
  1. London Restaurants
  2. London Shopping
  3. Days Out in London
  4. London Nightlife

London for Free

You will regularly hear from travelers how expensive London can be, but London has lots of places that are free including museums and galleries, musical and ceremonial performances along with shopping and markets.

London with Kids

Mudlarks DLR, Museum in Docklands, London

London can be a wonderful destination for a family vacation but it pays to do your research on child-friendly venues. There are now many family-oriented restaurants and cafes, along with children's theatre performances and many great locations for children's outings to keep the children amused and engaged all day long.

Major London Attractions

Tower Bridge, © Laura Porter (2007) licensed to About.com, Inc.

Find out all you need to know about these major attractions including directions, opening hours, cost, and what you'll see.

London Hidden Gems and Off The Beaten Track

Jeremy Bentham Auto-Icon UCL

If you would like to try something different while in London -- something not every visitor has seen -- then choose something from this quirky list.

London Restaurants

London's restaurants haven't had a good reputation in the past by we are turning into a nation of 'foodies' so quality and service are now the norm in London's restaurants.

London Shopping

Camden Lock Market, London

London has many different areas for shopping. Here are some of the most popular.

Days Out in London

Boat cruising along the River Thames from Greenwich, with the Docklands skyline in the background

These are ideas for full days out in London so you don't have to try and find out what else is in the area as we've done it for you.

London Nightlife

Fabric Nightclub London

London has a vibrant nightlife including clubs and late-bar bars. All major music acts stop in London when on tour and many bands start their careers here, so the choice is vast!

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