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Trafalgar Square Sights


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Trafalgar Square in London
Trafalgar Square, London, UK
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Trafalgar Square was designed by John Nash in the 1820s and constructed in the 1830s. It is both a tourist attraction and the main focus for political demonstrations. Every December, Norway donates a marvelous Christmas tree, to thank Britain for liberation from the Nazis.

How to get there:
Nearest tube stations: Charing Cross and Leicester Square.

What to see:
Trafalgar Square itself has many interesting sights including: Nelson's Column, The National Gallery, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. You can see these and more on this short walking tour.

What's nearby?
Within walking distance of Trafalgar Square you can easily go shopping in Covent Garden, have a meal in Chinatown, walk down Whitehall to Parliament Square and see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, or walk down the Mall to Buckingham Palace, plus a popular Harry Potter Film Location in London.

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