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Tower of London


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Tower of London Visitor Facilities
View of Tower Bridge from within the Tower of London

View of Tower Bridge from within the Tower of London

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Gift Shops
You can buy gifts from the five shops at the Tower of London including exclusive products inspired by the Crown Jewels, the Tower, and its residents: the Ravens and the Beefeaters. The Tower Shop is the flagship store by the main entrance so you can shop for souvenirs even when not visiting.

New Armouries Restaurant
The New Armouries started life as a storehouse when it was built in 1663 but is now the Tower's main restaurant. The menu covers 1000 years of London history and is a celebration of the capital's rich and diverse food markets. There's self-service Brick Lane counter for quick bites, and Covent Garden where you can watch the chef create your chosen salad, or cheeses and baked treats at Borough Market. Old Billingsgate has hot fish meals and Smithfield has roasts. Leaving Leadenhall with pasta and vegetarian options. Just like London's markets, there's something for everyone including children's meals.

Apostrohe Kiosk
Situated on Tower Wharf, outside of the Tower of London grounds, by the river, the kiosk serves pastries, healthy breakfast bites, gourmet sandwiches, hot beverages and expertly made coffees.

Currency Exchange
The Bureau de Change is near the main entrance and is open 10am – 6pm in the summer and 10am – 5pm in the winter.

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