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National Gallery Visitor Information


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National Gallery - Visitor Tips
Trafalgar Square and National Gallery London

Trafalgar Square and National Gallery London

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  • Use the cloakrooms (suggested donation) as the gallery is warm.
  • Start your visit by using ArtStart. It offers themed tours and even allows you to choose ten paintings you would most like to see and then prints a map of where they are in the Gallery!
    If you use the Getty entrance go to the Espresso Bar (cloakroom and toilets nearby).
    If you start at the Sainsbury Wing, the cloakroom is on the ground floor, then go up to Level 1 to the ArtStart room (next to the National Dining Rooms - restaurant).
  • On the front screen of ArtStart there is an I've got one hour option which offers a great introduction to the National Gallery.
  • No photography permitted so make good use of ArtStart where you can print information about the paintings.
  • The quietest times to visit are early on a weekday morning and 6-9pm on Friday.
  • For easy access use the Getty Entrance to the right of the main stairs (Portico Entrance).
  • Take photos of Trafalgar Square from the top of the Portico Entrance steps - great view of Big Ben in the distance.
  • The National Dining Rooms (the restaurant on Level 1 of the Sainsbury Wing) has a children's menu.
  • The National Cafe (Level 0 of the East Wing) has extra seating in a side room. Walk through the self-service area from the Getty Entrance and turn right before the waiter-service area. This room also has highchairs for feeding small children.

Understanding the Floorplan

Available in six languages, all including 30 highlights of the collection. The rooms are color-coded by date, e.g. blue = paintings from 1250 to 1500 and orange = paintings from 1600 to 1700.
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