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London Zoo Visitor Information


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London Zoo Ticket Information
Penguins, London Zoo

Penguins at London Zoo - Queuing for tickets?

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You can book Skip the Line London Zoo tickets through Viator.

How To Save Money on London Zoo Tickets

  1. Buy a London Pass (Buy Direct) which covers entrance charges to lots of top attractions for a set fee.
  2. Check leaflets about London Zoo at other major attractions and London hotels as they can have money off coupons.
  3. Ticket prices include a small voluntary donation towards the conservation projects. You can opt out and save the money.
  4. Buy A Gift often have discounted London Zoo tickets for online booking.

Gate Prices:
London Zoo has a tiered ticket price system with different prices for winter, mid season and peak season.

  • Adult: £24+
  • Child (3-15): £17.50+
  • Children under 3: FREE

Online Booking Tip: If you book online through the official website the payment card used to purchase the e-ticket must be shown to collect the tickets. If you need to use someone else's card then buy Gift Tickets for the same price.

Queuing Tip: The queues for tickets are usually long so be prepared to wait, or buy in advance (see above). Another frustration is if you go with a friend who doesn't have a ticket and you already have your ticket, then you have to join different queues to enter. Really, they won't let you in the wrong entrance even if you have waited in line and have a ticket in your hand!

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