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The Vault

Hard Rock Cafe Rock Memorabilia Museum

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Madonna Bustier at The Vault in the Hard Rock Cafe London

Madonna Bustier

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The Vault is located in the basement of the Hard Rock Cafe shop in London. It has some incredible pieces of rock memorabilia and is free to visit.

What To Expect

Go into the busy Hard Rock Cafe shop and look for the stairs down to The Vault. Free guided tours run every twenty minutes so you may need to wait, but a member of staff will advise you.

The building used to be a Coutts & Co Bank so the vault is literally a bank vault. It's a small room and you can only go in with staff.

Your tour guide will point out all the key memorabilia in the room then you are allowed to take photos. Yes, you can take photos!

For a small fee, you can pose for a souvenir photo holding one of the rare guitars (staff can advise which are available).

What You Will See

Kurt Cobain Guitar at The Vault in the Hard Rock Cafe London

Kurt Cobain Guitar at The Vault in the Hard Rock Cafe London

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  • Beatles memorabilia: piano, lyrics, John Lennon's glasses
  • Glen Matlock's first ever guitar (apparently he wept when he saw it here)
  • Elvis Presley coat
  • Bob Dylan guitar shaped as a USA map
  • the Jimi Hendrix guitar played at the Isle of Wight Festival (and insured for £4 million!)
  • Jeff Beck's guitar, also played by Jimmy Page
  • David Bowie guitar
  • Madonna JPG Bustier worn on the Blond Ambition Tour
  • Kurt Cobain guitar
  • an antique chair owned by Freddie Mercury
  • The Who memorabilia: lyrics, stage outfits, instruments
  • Eric Clapton 1969 silver suit
  • Slash from Guns N' Roses guitar and outfit from November Rain video
This is all I can remember from my short time there - I'm sure there's more!

Address: 150 Old Park Lane, (Corner of Park Lane), London W1K 1QZ

Nearest Tube Stations: Green Park / Hyde Park Corner

Use Journey Planner to plan your route via public transport.

Jimi Hendrix Guitar at The Vault in the Hard Rock Cafe London

Jimi Hendrix Guitar

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Opening Hours: 7 days a week: 12 noon - 9pm.

Admission Charge: Free, including a guided tour from a member of staff.

Bonus Fact: Apparently, when this was a bank, the vault belonged to The Queen and many say this is where Princess Diana tried on her wedding dress!

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