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Royal Institution

Am I Allowed In There?

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Royal Institution

Royal Institution

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Yes! It may look like a private members club but anyone can visit the Royal Institution. It's all about the world of science and there are exhibits on 3 floors. Plus it's free to visit.

Finding the Royal Institution

I read about the Royal Institution on topsee, an iPhone app, as the Top Scientific Hangout. That intrigued me so I had to visit.

The building is large and easy to find but the entrance is less obvious. Look for the blue canopies in the middle, and the electric car terminals as they're right outside the front door.

Free eGuides

Royal Institution eGuide

Royal Institution eGuide

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Ask at the Reception Desk for a free eGuide so you can really enjoy your visit. You'll need to leave a credit card/passport/ID but it's stored securely so don't be concerned.

To work the eGuide you simply point it at the markers on the walls or by the exhibits. The guides are pretty funny so would suit a younger audience too.

A Singing What?

The highlight for me was the periodic table downstairs as, not only does it light up, but it sings! Quite frankly it's very funny and you have to try and tap the right elements as it sings about them.

Anything Else?

As well as the exhibition, there are regular events at the Royal Institution which the public can also attend.

There's also a cafe, bar and restaurant so you don't need to rush away, although I thought £2.50 for tea was a bit steep. (Coffee was cheaper.)

Periodic Table at the Royal Institution in London

Periodic Table at the Royal Institution

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21 Albemarle Street

Tel: 020 7409 2992

Opening Hours: 9am-6pm Monday to Friday

Official Website: www.rigb.org

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