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London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

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London Bridge Experience
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The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs are a popular 'scare attraction'. In the London Bridge Experience you discover the gruesome tales of the area and in the London Tombs you'll scream like a girl. Well, I did!

My Review

There is a high admission price so I visited when I had a one day London Pass. (Find out more about the London Pass.)

The attraction opens at 10am but the actors are outside London Bridge station encouraging visitors much earlier. After laughing and having fun photo opportunities with them, I walked to the entrance which is not actually on Tooley Street but is easy to find following the painted footsteps on the pavement.

As I was early, I was directed to the souvenir shop, cafe (seating area and vending machines) and toilets before joining the other early visitors for the first tour of the day.

At 10am a small group of us entered together and were guided around by actors who told us the scary tales of the local area. The venue is under London Bridge so there are no windows and it's dark and sometimes rather smelly. Each room has an actor who tells you about a time in history for this area of London and does their best to unnerve you. It's spooky and fun and you'll laugh as well as scream so do expect to have fun.

The venue also includes the London Tombs and this part was incredibly scary and I wouldn't recommend it for young children. We had to walk in single file with hands on the shoulders of the person in front. Mostly it was pitch black and we could feel actors so close they were breathing on us but we could see nothing. And when the chainsaw arrived...well, you get the idea. It's proper frightening in there.

London Bridge Experience© Laura Porter, licensed to About.com, Inc.

2 - 4 Tooley Street
London Bridge
London SE1 2PF

Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

Tel: 0800 0434 666

Website: www.thelondonbridgeexperience.com

Further along Tooley Street you can find the London Dungeon and the Britain at War Experience.

If you like scare attractions you might like to try a Ghost Bus Tour too.

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