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Fulham Palace

Visit a London Palace for Free

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Fulham Palace Gardens

Fulham Palace Gardens

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If you'd like to say you've visited a London palace for free, or simply fancy some peace and quiet, then a trip to Fulham Palace may be for you.

About Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace was the Bishops of London country home from the 11th century. It was never a royal palace but Bishops were treated regally.

The Palace is now a museum documenting the site's history, with a contemporary gallery of palace-inspired art.

Many visit just for the Drawing Room Cafe or palace gardens. The gardens are extremely popular with young families who bring picnics and lunch on the lawn. Local families come prepared with garden toys. (It is all a bit middle class but then that is representative of this part of London.)

At the end of the main garden there is a high walled herb garden which smells wonderful on a wet day. My 3 year old daughter 'got in touch with nature' collecting leaves and berries, etc. to take home for Daddy. That's something we don't often get to do on our jaunts around central London.

Fulham Palace

Fulham Palace

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The fountain at the entrance of Fulham Palace reminded me of Hampton Court Palace as it is also Tudor, but there are other architectural styles too as various bishops added throughout the years.

By 1975, the bishops could no longer afford the upkeep of the building so it is now maintained by the local council.

Admission and Tours

Fulham Palace is free to visit. If you really want to discover its history, join one of the regular tours. These aren't daily so check the official website to help you plan your trip.

Even if you don't join a tour, you can ask the knowledgeable volunteer museum stewards questions.

Drawing Room Cafe, Fulham Palace

Drawing Room Cafe, Fulham Palace

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Fulham Palace, Bishop's Avenue, London SW6 6EA

Tel: 020 7736 3233

Official Website: www.fulhampalace.org

Nearest Tube Station: Putney Bridge

Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

Directions from Putney Bridge Station:
Fulham Palace is situated within Bishop's Park in west London, and the entrance is on Bishop's Avenue.

From Putney Bridge station, cross straight over and walk down the road. When you see the back of a hotel, go left under the bridge. Walk through the park or follow the Thames Path. If you take the Thames Path, don't walk too far (as I did); turn into the park before the children's playground.

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