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Clothing Size Conversion Charts

International Clothes Sizes


These clothing size conversion charts should give you an idea of the right size to buy/try when visiting London but do remember, as in every country, sizes can vary in different stores. Treat these charts as a guideline only.
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Women's Clothing Sizes Conversion ChartWomen's Clothing SizesWomen's Shoes Size Conversion ChartWomen's Shoes SizesMen's Shirt/Suit/Coat/Sweater Size Conversion ChartMen's Shirt/Suit/Coat/Sweater SizesMen's Pants / Trousers Size Conversion ChartMen's Pants / Trousers Sizes
Men's Shoes Size Conversion ChartMen's Shoes SizesChildren's Clothing Size Conversion ChartChildren's Clothing SizesChildren's Shoe Size Conversion ChartChildren's Shoes Sizes
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