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London Silver Vaults

Underground Antique Dealers


London Silver Vaults entrance

London Silver Vaults Entrance

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The London Silver Vaults are a little known underground maze of antique silver dealers in the City of London. It's free to visit and is a fascinating place to see.

What To Expect

The London Silver Vaults was established in 1953 and houses the world's largest collection of fine antique silver. Each dealer has a vault and there is a safe door to each room.

The Vaults were built in 1876 as strong-room facilities for London's rich and famous. The Vaults became popular with silver traders and eventually they expanded to take over the building and open it up to the public.

There are about 30 shops to be found down two flights of stairs. The silver pieces range from small items - cuff links, spoons, card holders, etc - to much grander pieces such as bowls, pots and urns. Expect to see intricate 17th century antiques and contemporary silver as well.

The price range varies enormously too from around £25 to over £100,000 but everyone is welcome to visit. The dealers are all willing to help new buyers and are used to visitors just coming to have a look.

Contact Information

Address: Chancery Lane (corner of Southampton Buildings), London WC2A 1QS

Telephone: 020 7242 3844

Official Website: www.thesilvervaults.com

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