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Twinings Tea Shop


Twinings On The Strand
Matthew Lloyd/Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images Twinings tiles outside The Strand shop, London
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About Twinings Tea Shop:

Twinings have had a tea shop on The Strand in London since 1717. The Strand shop stocks a wide range of specialty teas, fruit and herbal infusions, iced teas, and coffee blends, as well as gifts, teapots, cups, mugs, biscuits, cakes, and chocolates.

There is also a small museum, which charts the history of the Twinings family, along with examples of tea caddies and more unusual items from the world of tea.

The Strand Shop also has a mail order service.

Address: 216 The Strand, London WC2R 1AP
(Opposite the Royal Courts of Justice.)

If you enjoy the movies, this is the area for the The Soundmap Sweeney Todd Audiowalk and there's a popular popular Harry Potter Film Location in London nearby too.

If you'd like something stronger than tea, the Old Bank of England pub is also close by.

Nearest Tube Station: Temple

Telephone Number: 020 7353 3511

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Official Website: www.twinings.co.uk

On Plaque Outside The Shop:

"Thomas Twining (1675-1741) founded the House of Twining by purchasing the original Toms Coffee House at the back of this site in 1706, where he introduced tea. In 1717 he opened the Golden Lyon here as a shop to sell tea and coffee.

In 1787 his grandson Richard Twining (1749-1824) built the handsome doorway incorporating his Grandfather's Golden Lyon symbol and two Chinese figures. Twinings is believed to be the oldest company to have traded continuously on the same site with the same family since its foundation."

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