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There are two memorials to Dodi and Diana in Harrods. This is on the lower ground floor. (More info below...)
Dodi and Diana Memorial Harrods

Dodi and Diana Memorial Harrods

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The Harrods Dodi and Diana memorials were designed by Bill Mitchell, Harrods architect for more than 40 years.

This memorial was built in 1998 can be found on the lower ground floor of Harrods, at the base of Bill Mitchell's spectacular Egyptian escalator. It area is dimly lit and portraits of Dodi and Diana adorn the top of this simple but romantic shrine.

The inscription beneath the acrylic pyramid reads: "The wine glass has been preserved in the exact condition it was left on the couple's last evening together at the Imperial Suite at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. Dodi bought this engagement ring for Diana on the day before the tragedy."

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