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Plan Your Trip to London


Planning to visit London on your next vacation? We've gathered all the articles and advice you need to plan a great trip to London here.
  1. Before You Visit London
  2. When Should You Visit London?
  3. Getting to London
  4. Getting Around London
  5. Where To Stay in London
  1. Personal Safety in London
  2. What To Do In London
  3. Where to Eat in London
  4. Saving Money in London

Before You Visit London

Here are some helpful articles and advice to review before you visit London. From finding the right London guidebook or map to staying safe in London, we've got all the information you need to prepare for your trip.

When Should You Visit London?

Leicester Square, © www.visitlondon.com

Find out more about the weather in the city where this is the main topic of conversation. You will also find out about London's annual events to help you choose when to visit.

Getting to London

Eurostar train, © Eurostar

What are the travel options? Find out how to get to London by air, rail, road or sea, plus customs and visa requirements.

Getting Around London

London bus stop, © 2006 Laura Porter, licensed to About.com, Inc.

Information on using London public transport: the tube (London Underground), buses, and trains.

Where To Stay in London

One Aldwych Hotel, Photo source: © www.leonardo.com

London has hotels and accommodation in all shapes and sizes to suit all travelers and all budgets, whether you are looking for the luxurious or economic London has suitable accommodation for you.

Personal Safety in London

London is generally a safe city to visit, as long as you do not put yourself in unnecessary danger.

What To Do In London

Buckingham Palace, London

London offers visitors endless options of things to do, from visiting museums and landmarks to taking guided tours and exploring on your own. Here are some suggestions for helping you narrow down what you'd like to see and do while you're visiting London.

Where to Eat in London

Gaby's Deli, Charing Cross Road, London

London has hundreds of restaurants covering every cuisine from around the world. All budgets are catered for too so enjoy dining in London.

Saving Money in London

Visitors often think of London as an expensive city but there are plenty of cheap or free activities to choose from. Planning for some cheaper activities each day, including some reasonable meals into your itinerary and taking advantage of many of London's great free experiences can make it possible to enjoy London on a tight budget or just make it easier to stretch your vacation finances further.

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