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Using Telephones in London


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Making International Calls from the UK
BT text payphone
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The international dial code from the UK is 00.

Then add your country code:

  • USA and Canada: 1
  • Australia: 61
  • China: 86
  • France: 33
  • Germany: 49
  • Japan: 81
  • New Zealand: 64
  • South Africa: 27
  • Spain: 34

Then dial the area code and the number.

A call to the US will be:
00 + 1 + area code + local number.

If you need assistance you can call the International Operator on 155. There is no charge to speak to the Operator but if they connect your call you will be charged a higher rate.

If you are using a phonecard you must have at least £2 credit to make an international call.

What's the number for International Directory Enquiries from the UK?

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