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Chip and PIN Card Payments


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Card Payments Without a Signature
Chip and PIN Card Payments

Explaining how to use Chip and PIN

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Chip and PIN has been introduced to deal with card fraud and is already proving successful with lost and stolen, and counterfeit card fraud, down by almost a third in the first half of 2005. Most London retail outlets now offer Chip and PIN for credit and debit card payments. This means you no longer have to sign a paper receipt, but simply enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN), just as you would at an ATM machine. Check out these tips for remembering your PIN.

Payment Card Schemes:

1. Explaining Chip and PIN

Shop assistants will not mind showing you how to use Chip and PIN. The keypads do come in different styles but basically the system is the same: the retailer enters the amount then asks you to enter your four-digit PIN, followed by the ENTER key.
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