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SCOTTEVEST Women's Trench Coat Review

Travel Clothing You Can Wear Every Day

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Me wearing the SCOTTEVEST trench coat next to Tower Bridge

Me wearing the SCOTTEVEST trench coat next to Tower Bridge

© R.Hackston
SCOTTEVEST produce travel clothing that ticks both the practical and stylish boxes. I chose the SCOTTEVEST Woman's Trench Coat to review as I thought it could work for visitors to London with the amount of maps, tickets, keys, guide books, etc. that we need to carry; for use on budget airlines with baggage restrictions; and for every day use for the amount I seem to drag around with me. Let's see how I got on.
I'll be honest, it was a video review by the Secret Pocket Club (no longer online) that convinced me to order the SCOTTEVEST Woman's trench coat as the woman featured has a real woman's shape. Trench coats can look great on tall model-types but this proved to me a woman with a similar shape to me could look fantastic too. (If you are blessed with a svelte figure, then you too will look amazing as does Julie Lipsett Stanford from geardiary.com in her trench review and Tiffani from chipchick.com in her trench review.)

I should have listened to the Secret Pocket Club's advice when ordering as I was concerned about fitting so much in the pockets and I ordered the next size up. Let me assure you that it's not necessary so don't make the same mistake. Simply check your measurements against the size guide and you will still be able to use the pockets fully with the correct size jacket.

As I can only show a few small photos with this review, have a look at my SCOTTEVEST Woman's Red Trench flickr gallery and see me around town in my stylish red trench.

What Makes It So Special?

Me 'holding' a London Eye capsule while wearing my SCOTTEVEST trench coat

Me 'holding' a London Eye capsule while wearing my SCOTTEVEST trench coat

© R.Hackston
What looks like just a stylish trench coat actually has 18 - yes, 18! - pockets. It even comes with a 'pocket map' so you can find them all. (I hadn't spotted them all even after a few weeks of wearing!)

I love the x-ray view of the trench which shows how much you can carry and where you can fit it all. I honestly couldn't find all of the subtle pockets without this as it's so cleverly designed. The fabric is strong and the lining is the same color and also seems strong. I've seriously loaded the pockets and there are no splits.

The classic double-breasted style with epaulets looks great and, although there are other colors, the red really makes a statement. Yes, you will get noticed wearing this jacket and that's a good thing as I received loads of compliments whenever I wore it.

After the initial, "Ooh, I love your coat!", "Love the color!", "Can I try it on?" comments, friends wanted to know more about the hidden pockets (and how I was out and about without a handbag these days).

The biggest "oohs" were for the clear touch pockets for smartphones so I could use my iPhone without removing it from the pocket! This has been great if it's raining or if I wanted to quickly check a diary appointment. I expect if I listened to music on my phone or on an iPod this would be a huge benefit as there are also 'BudPockets' for your earphones and a velcro section on the collar to keep your cable in place so you can keep it all attached to your coat. (I've also tested a great compact camera which fits easily. See my review of the Canon Ixus 230 HS.)

As London weather is hardly predictable I generally carry sunglasses and an umbrella and there's a glasses pocket with a cleaning cloth on an elastic cord. This has been well-used and I wonder how I managed without it before. There's also an elastic loop in one of the deep pockets for a water bottle but I used this for an umbrella. It was noticeable when the coat was done up but as long as it was held it place it didn't knock on your knees or anything like that when walking.

There's an extendable cable to clip your keys onto which, again, I wonder how I lived without. And the deep pockets have magnetic closures which I didn't notice at first but it's a nice touch and keeps the streamlined look of the coat, even when the pockets are full.

  • 18 pockets and compartments
  • flattering cut
  • strong fabric and well-made
  • great price
  • Suits all ages
  • Pockets puff out a bit but I've been told this will probably improve with washing. The coat is machine washable and line dry.
  • If the pockets are full it can be awkward to sit down so remove your coat first.
Me looking across to Big Ben while wearing my SCOTTEVEST trench coat

Me looking across to Big Ben while wearing my SCOTTEVEST trench coat

© R.Hackston

This could be fantastic for the 'one carry-on item' rule when flying and a benefit when traveling with budget carriers who charge for checked in luggage. Be aware, the TSA does not endorse any products, and obviously you need to remove your jacket when you go through airport security but there are pockets big enough for an iPad so you can carry a lot! I don't have an iPad but have used the largest pocket for a paperback book which has been handy for tube journeys. And having no bag has been great when out with my young daughter as I've been 'hands-free' so could hold her hand and still open doors, etc.

Just as with a new handbag I had to get used to which pocket I'd put everything in but I soon got in the swing and loved having everything to hand.

The SCOTTEVEST woman's trench coat is not obviously travel clothing as the pockets are subtle so you could wear it for all occasions, not just when traveling. And it is so stylish you need to get ready for the admiring glances from all.

If you like this, I expect you will also like the SCOTTEVEST Women's SeV Chloe Hoodie and the SCOTTEVEST Women's Lightweight Vest which I have also tried and reviewed.

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