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What's the number for International Directory Enquiries from the UK?

International Directory Enquiry Services in the UK


You are in the UK but have forgotten a telephone number. You need to call international directory enquiries but what's the number?

The old number for international directory enquiries (153) was withdrawn in 2003 and replaced by six digit numbers starting with 118. The cost of calling directory enquiry services varies depending on the company you call and the network you call from.

The companies below offer international directory enquiry services. (There are many more.)

International Directory Enquiries

CompanyNumberConnection ChargeCost per min
118.com 118 118 N/A Free online
118 118 118 118 79p 29p p/min
BT 118 505 63.5p 195p p/min
O2 118 402 0p 60p p/min
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