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What you need to know to plan your trip to London: travel options - air, rail, road, and sea - plus customs and visa requirements. Also, basic survival needs such as communication, tourist information, and personal safety.
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The London Pass - Sightseeing Pass
The London Pass is a sightseeing pass to over 50 popular London attractions for a fixed price. Find out how to buy a London Pass, the pros and cons, and then add your own London Pass review.

Things to Not Do in London
There's plenty of great things to do in London but it's good to listen to a word of caution on what not to do in the city.

Things to Not to in London
Add your ideas on things to not do in London.

How To Not Look Like a Tourist in London
Find out how to be more like a local so you do not look like a tourist while on holiday in London.

How To Not Look Like a Tourist in London
Find out how to dress like a local so you do not look like a tourist when on holiday in London.

Act Like A Local
Find out how to act like a local so you do not look like a tourist while on holiday in London.

Travel Like A Local
Find out how to travel like a local so you do not look like a tourist while on holiday in London.

One Week in London - An Itinerary for a First-Time Visit to London
What should you see and do if you've got one week in London? Here's a great week guest author Rachel Coyne tried out and recommends.

Eat Like A Local
How to eat like a local so you do not look like a tourist while on holiday in London.

Before You Visit London for the First Time
Before you visit London for the first time there is a lot to consider so use this guide to help you plan your vacation.

SCOTTEVEST Women's Lightweight Vest Review
I've tried using a SCOTTEVEST women's lightweight vest instead of a bag for everyday city life in London to see if the 20 pockets could cope. Find out how I got on.

National Express Rail Deals (Superbreak)
Superbreak customers can save over 70% on their rail travel, plus there are great hotel break deals.

London Weather
You've probably heard that London weather can be quite unpredictable. We Londoners are known to regularly carry both our sunglasses and an umbrella. But London weather is never so extreme as to detract from all the great things to do in the city. Find out about London weather throughout the year.

Travel Accessories Under 50 US Dollars

Whether you are travelling or you need to buy a gift, these travel accessories are all under $50 making them a great purchase.

Packing Tips and Advice
Packing Tips and Advice: all those things we forget to pack and advice on what you don't need.

Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips
Tips on how to survive a long haul flight more comfortably.

Using Telephones in London
It can seem confusing using telephones in London and understanding UK telephone numbers but here's all the information for you need.

Can I take Photos in the Street in London?
I was asked by a reader: Can I take photos in the street in London? The protests for photographer's rights have confused visitors to our city so I hope this clears things up.

What's the number for International Directory Enquiries?
You are in the UK but have forgotten a telephone number. You need to call international directory enquiries but what's the number? Find out here.

Cellphones in London
How to choose a cellphone (mobile phone) for your vacation in London, England.

Tep Mobile Wifi Review (Formerly Fonmigo)
Tep (formerly Fonmigo) offer UK cell phone rental and mobile internet for use in the UK. I tried the mobile wifi in London and further afield and here's how I got on.

US Embassy in London
Find out contact details and opening hours for the US Embassy in London.

Is London Tap Water Safe to Drink?
Are you unsure whether London tap water is safe to drink? Here are the answers. The simple answer is yes, but then why do we spend so much money on bottled water? Find out more about London's drinking water.

Heathrow Terminal 3 Check-In Advice
Advice for checking-in at Terminal 3 of London Heathrow airport. Terminal 3 is mostly used for long-haul destinations, but there are also some European flights.

London Postcodes
London postcodes do not correspond with London districts, but do give you a clue to the geographical location of an address.

London on a Budget
We all like to save money so here's a great article about how to save money on: getting to London, staying in London (hotels, etc), getting around London, things to do and see in London, and eating out in London.

Planning a Romantic Trip to London
Tips for planning a romantic trip to London and saving time and money in the process from About's Honeymoon Guide.

Ways to Spend Leftover Foreign Change
Still have pound coins in your pocket at the end of a trip? Here are the five best ways to spend foreign change before you get home from About's Student Travel Guide.

Access to Arts
Access to Art (A2A) makes it possible for disabled and frail older people to enjoy London's galleries and museums.

Artsline - Arts & Entertainment Information Service for the Disabled
Artsline is London's Arts & Entertainment information service for disabled people. They hold access information for over 1,000 venues as well as transport info, concessions, lift locations, accessible toilets, etc.

A London Year - Book Review
A London Year is a huge anthology of diary entries covering 500 years of London. For every day of the year there is at least one diary entry and it soon becomes addictive reading.

How To Pronounce London Place Names
London place names often have confusing pronunciation so this guide can help.

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