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Beware of Pickpockets

How To Avoid Bag Snatchers And Thiefs


As in most large cities, pickpockets and bag snatchers like to prey on unsuspecting visitors. These thieves often work in pairs or small groups and operate in the busiest areas of London, such as on Oxford Street or around Covent Garden. You might be surprised to hear these thieves are often children.

Typical Pickpocket Scenarios

  1. Someone may ask you for directions and a colleague may be already in your bag, while you are distracted.
    • Try to wear your bag across your body.
    • Always keep your wallet close to you and preferably not in your main day pack.
    • Waist bags/fanny packs (known locally as 'bum bags') are a good option for your essentials.

  2. At a cafe table someone may engage you in pointless conversation while their accomplice snatches your bag from under your chair.
    At a table, always look your bag strap around your leg or a chair leg.
I've tried some great travel clothing with multiple zipped pockets which is the best way to stop these opportunist thieves.
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