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Martini Movies

Meal and Movie in a Luxury Setting

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Martini Movies at One Aldwych London
Going for a meal and seeing a film is a popular thing to do and One Aldwych have made it just that bit more special by offering a three course meal, a cocktail and a movie in their private screening room. Oh, and there's popcorn too.

One Aldwych is a luxury contemporary hotel on the edge of Covent Garden, facing Waterloo Bridge. The Indigo restaurant has a wonderful view across the bridge which many say is their favorite view in London.

I had last visited in 2007 to try Movies on the Menu which was a similar idea and has evolved nicely into the popular Martini Movies.

What's Included?
The private screening room is for up to 30 guests so it is nothing like going to a standard cinema or movie theater. The wide, blue leather seats are super comfy and there's plenty of leg room too.

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The film schedule is posted on the hotel website and there are usually weekend dates available to all. For evening shows, you enjoy the movie with a cocktail before heading to the hotel's Axis restaurant for a three course meal and time to discuss the film. Look out for weekend afternoon shows too when you can enjoy a three course lunch in the Indigo restaurant before a relaxing few hours watching a movie.

My Visit
I was lucky enough to visit the hotel in December 2012 to enjoy lunch and a festive movie. It was a wonderful way to catch up with an old friend and to slow down and enjoy the festive season. The hotel was dressed beautifully (there was an enormous gingerbread man Christmas tree in the lobby) and staff were fantastic, as ever.

As we were dining before the movie it put slightly more pressure on the restaurant to ensure everyone had time to enjoy a three course meal but they coped without any concerns. We had time to enjoy tea and coffee after a meal too so don't worry that you'll be rushed as that's not the case.

The menu had at least three options for each course so there's plenty of choice. As I'm vegetarian staff were wonderful at suggesting even more ideas for me and even though I slightly adapted each of the dishes that I chose everything arrived exactly as I ordered. I enjoyed a starter of Eggs Florentine instead of Eggs Benedict and I chose a starter dish to be adapted as a main at the suggestion of waiting staff. The crumble for dessert was delicious too and they happily provided creme fraiche when I mentioned I wasn't keen on custard. I'd happily return to the Indigo restaurant again as the meal and the service was superb.

Going to the Screening Room
Fifteen minutes before the movie start time a member of staff came to meet us and took us to the screening room in the basement. This personal touch really makes you feel special. They try to do allocated seating - just so they can plan to fit in different size parties - but staff were wonderfully accommodating when some couples preferred different seats.

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What Type of People Were There?
I expect for evening movies this is a perfect 'date night' idea but for a matinee show there was a mix of families, groups of friends and couples. As the screening room is small most said hello to others as it felt like a real treat to see a movie in such luxurious surroundings.

Popcorn is available in the screening room and you can bring your drinks from the restaurant or order something to be brought to you. Staff step out during the screening but are available right up to the start of the film.

I think Martini Movies is a well-priced package at £42.50 per person and a lovely way to spend time with friends. I for one will be checking the future film schedules for a return trip soon.

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