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Online Journey Planner

Finding the Best Route Using Public Transport


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Journey Planner is on the Transport for London web site. It allows you to submit exactly where you want to start and end your journey. Choose either:
  • a tube station,
  • postcode,
  • address,
  • or place of interest
and you can submit the date and time you want to make the journey. This allows you to check if there are any planned engineering works happening at that time, or if unexpected delays are occurring. If there is a change to normal service, Journey Planner will offer an alternative route.

Once you have submitted your travel plans, Journey Planner will offer a list of routes. The symbols make it clear to see whether it is suggesting walking, buses, tubes, or trains. The time needed for the journey is shown, which is helpful when planning what time to set off.

Click on 'View' to get more details of an individual journey. A fantastically detailed route appears, with timing for each stage (they normally over-estimate the walking time, so you can save a few minutes here). A map is available for each stage so you check exactly what they are suggesting. There are also symbols to show you if you will need to climb up or down stairs (normally at tube stations) so if you have any mobility problems, you can avoid these routes.

If you are using a UK mobile (cell) phone you can even choose to have the route send to you as a text (SMS) message.

Alternative language options are available:

  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
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