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How To Use Transport in London

Information on using London Transport: the tube (London Underground), buses, and trains.
  1. London Bus Routes (8)
  2. Victoria Line Tile Motifs (17)

London Underground Tips
Tips and advice on using the London Underground system.

You cannot pay cash for a London bus journey from July 2014. Find out what your options are.

How to Save Money on London Underground
It is cheaper to use an Oyster card than cash to pay for London Transport journeys on the tube or buses.

Citymapper London App Review
At last there is a single app that can help you easily navigate London public transport - and that's not just the Underground.

150 Years of London Underground
2013 is the 150th anniversary of the first journey on the London Underground.

London Underground Quiz
How much do you know about the London Underground system? Try these facts and figures questions to test your knowledge.

Free London Tube Maps
Find out where you can find free London tube maps online and in paper form. Plus more useful information for using the London Underground.

Free Tube Travel for Children
Find out how to get free children's tube travel in London.

Planned Weekend Engineering Works
The planned weekend engineering works on London Underground are a regular occurrence so you need to check before you need to travel so you don't get stuck.

London Cable Car - Emirates Air Line
We're calling it public transport but the London cable car is going to be popular with everyone for round trips to enjoy the views over The Thames.

Are Dogs Allowed on London Underground Tube Trains?
Are dogs allowed on London Underground tube trains. Find out the answer...

Have you Seen Mice on London Underground?
Have you seen mice on London Underground platforms? Tell us where and when!

Oyster Card Review
A review of using an Oyster Card on London Transport.

Online Journey Planner
An online Journey Planner to help you find the most direct route using public transport.

Aldwych Station Tour
Aldwych Station is probably the most well known disused tube station on the London Underground network. There are occasional opportunities to visit the station for tours organized by the London Transport Museum.

Lost Property on London Transport
Transport for London finds over 156,000 pieces of lost property each year on buses, Tubes, taxis, trains, trams and stations. If you've lost something how can you try to claim it back?

London Transport Tickets With Children
Advice on using London Underground and London transport in general when visiting London and travelling with children.

Cabwise - London Taxi Safety Campaign
Only taxis (black cabs) can pick up customers on the streets of London. Use Cabwise to find a taxi 24 hours a day.

London Underground - Architecture, Design & History
This book by David Long looks at the aesthetics of the transport system and is accompanied by a gorgeous of black and white photographs.

Tubes Do Not Run 24 Hours
London Underground trains do not run 24 hours, seven days a week.

Recognizing London Bus Stops
A plain white sign with a red London Transport symbol means the stop is a main stop and all buses will stop there automatically. Learn how to recognize main bus stops and request bus stops.

Avoid Peak Times On The Tube
Avoid traveling at peak times on the tube as these are the commuter times and it can be horribly crowded.

Congestion Charge
Driving in central London incurs a 'congestion charge'.

Stand On The Right
Always stand on the right of the London Underground escalators.

Which London Travel Oystercard is Best for Visitors?
Which London Travel Oystercard is best for visitors to London? This was a question from a reader. Find out the answer here.

The Tube
The tube is the local name for the London Underground system.

Tube Lines
The London Underground has twelve color-coded lines. It may seem confusing when you first try to find your way, but with practice it can be quite straightforward.

Bendy Buses
At 18 meters (nearly 60 feet) long, bendy buses look like two single-decker buses linked together by a bendy rubber middle. They can carry up to 140 people, which is 60 more than a double-decker bus.

London Taxis
London Taxis are iconic and black cabs can often be the best transport option, especially late at night as the drivers have all completed many years of training, called the Knowledge, so know the streets of London like the back of their hand.

Pedicabs in London
There are around five to ten companies operating pedicabs in London, the original being Bug Bugs who started in 1998. Between them there are 200 or so pedicabs in use.

Routemaster Buses - Heritage Routes
The old Routemaster buses are definitely a design icon of London transport. They are the buses where you could jump on and off at the back. Unfortunately they went out of general service at the end of 2005.

Cycling in London
Cycling is a great way to get around London -really! If you're not convinced, read these facts from Transport for London.

Walking in London
Walking in London is a good option as distances are shorter than they appear on the Underground map.

How to Ride the London Tube
A very clear and straight-forward guide to using London's Underground system from About's Student Travel Guide.

Transport for London
Official site for all London's transport including the tube, buses, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), trains, trams, taxis - even cycling.

Buy London Travelcards
You can buy London Travelcards and Oyster cards from the VisitBritain Shop.

Travel Like A Local
Find out how to travel like a local so you do not look like a tourist while on holiday in London.

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