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How To Get Cheap London Theatre Tickets

West End Shows at Better Prices


When you come to London you want to see a West End show but the cost of the tickets can be off-putting. Here are some tips on how to get cheap London theatre tickets.

London Theatre Passport

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Going to London and want to see a West End Show but not sure which one? Traveling on a budget? Enjoy considerable savings with The London Theater Passport which also gives you the flexibility to choose from a selection of shows on the day. The choice of shows is limited but you can check before you buy and then pay less that 50% of the ticket price.


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Viator don't list all the shows but they have a "low price guaranteed" promise and cover all the big London shows. I use them myself and have found better bargains than the theater websites. Find out more...

tkts in Leicester Square

tkts Half Price Ticket Booth in Leicester Square, London
© Laura Porter

tkts was founded in 1980 as the Half Price Ticket Booth and is the only official half price and discount theater ticket outlet operated by the Society of London Theatre, the industry body that represents London theaters. Tickets are available on the day and up to a week in advance. Find out more about tkts...

Buy a Meal or Hotel Deal

Romantic meal in a restaurant
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Surprisingly, it can often be a better deal to book a meal or a hotel stay when buying theater tickets. The hotel will be near to the theater so you won't have to worry about travel, or the restaurant will be experienced with pre- and post-theater dining.

I've used Superbreak for these deals so am happy to recommend them.

Official London Theatre Special Offers

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Check the Official London Theatre website for special offers from the industry body that represents London theaters. Sign up for their newsletter to help you choose a show and to check the bargains before your trip to London.

Royal Court Theatre 10p Tickets

Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, London
© Laura Porter

I was amazed to find out The Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square (Chelsea) offers standing tickets with restricted for only 10p. Tickets are available in person, 1 hour before performance, 1 ticket per person. This is the best deal, but other offers are available such as £10 tickets on Mondays and 500 tickets for £5 for the Under 25s.

Tickets On The Door

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The big west end shows get booked up quickly but some theaters do keep some tickets back to release on the door on the day. Contact the theater directly to see what time the tickets are released. For example, the National Theatre releases day tickets at 9.30am on the morning of the performance. There is usually a limit of 2 tickets per person.

Returned Tickets

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90 minutes before a show starts returned tickets arrive back at the box office from ticket agents. Check with the individual theater directly to see if this is likely to happen when you want to go.

National Theatre Travelex Tickets

National Theatre (at night), South Bank, London
© southbanklondon.com

For Travelex £10 Shows in the Olivier Theatre, more than half of the tickets for every performance are £10. These tickets can be booked online or by phone on 020 7452 3000 (Mon-Sat 9.30am-8pm).

Pleasance Theatre

The Pleasance Theatre in Islington is linked to a theater in Edinburgh, Scotland. Both specialize in fringe shows so you see someone new and fresh at a really good price.

The Islington Pleasance has been open since 1995 and has a wide range of productions from established names and new talent. There's comedy too as well as family-suitable shows.

Get Into London Theatre

Get Into London Theatre logo
© Get Into London Theatre

Get Into London Theatre is run by the Society of London Theatre at the start of each year. It usually runs throughout January and sometimes February and March as well and has a wide variety of theater ticket deals.

Kid's Week

Kids Week logo
© Kids Week

Kid's go free to west end shows for the last two weeks in August each year for Kid's Week. Young people aged 5-16 get to enjoy London's Theatreland absolutely free! The under 5s can join in too, with an exclusive program of shows and activities to suit everyone. The ticket deal is simple: For every full paying adult, one child goes free and up to two additional children go at half-price.

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