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Best Martini in London

London Bars


Finding a martini in London is not difficult but finding a good martini can mean needing to look a bit harder. Lucky for you that's just what I've done and here's where you can find the best martini in London. Of course if you don't agree add your suggestion to the list.

Egerton House

Egerton Hotel London: Antonio at the Bar

This discreet 5 star boutique hotel in Knightsbridge has a small bar but excellent bar staff; in particular Antonio who is the master of martinis in London. Having a drink here is also about the theater of watching the experts at work. All drinks are made in front of you, either at the bar or at your table. Everything is ice cold and the service is exceptional. Really, wow.


Dukes Hotel
© Laura Porter

This legendary bar in St James was popular with James Bond author Ian Fleming and is said to be the inspiration for the classic line, 'shaken, not stirred'. Again, the joy is not just the drinking but watching your perfect martini being made. The drinks are strong and I've heard they won't serve you more than two martinis, although I've not put this to the test.

The Stafford

American Bar at The Stafford London
© Stafford

The American Bar at The Stafford gets its name from its popularity with American visitors to London back in the 1930s. Staff stay here as Charles Guano, the former head barman worked here for 42 years. Benoit Provost (Ben) now has this role and has already been at the American Bar for over 10 years. Ask for Ben and you will be well looked after.

Berry Bar at Hilton Green Park

Earl Grey Martini
© Hilton

Many London cocktail bars are a bit too glitzy for me. They often involve lots of chrome, incredibly low-level lighting and music that's too loud to allow me to talk to friends, or to be heard when placing an order. The Berry Bar doesn't cater for that market but does serve a fine selection of gin-based cocktails as well as other bar drinks.

I was keen to visit the Berry Bar when I heard about their Earl Grey Martini which is served in a frozen teapot with glass teacups. Combining my love of tea and cocktails meant I had to stop by and I wasn't disappointed. It truly tastes of both Earl Grey tea and martini yet it works.

The Connaught Bar

The Connaught Bar received the "World's Best Hotel Bar 2010" at the Tales of the Cocktail awards in New Orleans, plus Martini at the Connaught Bar won "Best Personal Service" in Wallpaper Design Awards 2010.

Dirty Martini

This Covent Garden basement bar has well-priced cocktails, especially during Happy Hour.

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