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London Webcams

See London Wherever You Are!


Have a look around London even when you're not here via these London webcams placed around our great city.

1. Tower Bridge Webcam

Tower Bridge, London
Chris Hepburn/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Watch this iconic bridge open and close throughout the day with this live streaming webcam. Watch the traffic going over and then stop for the opening to allow taller boats and ships to pass through. You can check the Tower Bridge Lift Times and look out for the more unusual features such as the Tower Bridge chimney and the occasional Hay Bale.

3. Trafalgar Square Webcam

Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London
© Laura Porter

Keep an eye on Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square with this live streaming webcams.

4. Leicester Square Webcam

tkts Leicester Square
© tkts

From the Radisson Edwardian Hotel you can see movie stars and all the action on film night premieres in Leicester Square.

5. Oxford Street Webcam

John Lewis, Oxford Street, London
© Britain on View
See London's busiest shopping street. Always good for seeing London red buses! (Note, the camera is behind some building work when last checked but should be able to see the street again soon.)
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