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The London Dungeon Photo Gallery

Be afraid... Be very afraid!


These photos were taken at the old London Dungeon in Tooley Street but give you an idea what to expect. For the latest information see the London Dungeon Review from the South Bank venue that opened in March 2013.

The London Dungeon calls itself "the world's most chillingly famous horror attraction." It covers 2,000 years of London's gruesome history.

Not many Londoners go to The London Dungeon so I went to find out what all the fuss is about. Read my London Dungeon Review and add your review, and see the London Dungeon Photo Gallery.

Viator offer 'Skip the Line' discounted London Dungeon tickets: Buy Direct.

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London Dungeon PhotoImpaled WaxworkLondon DungeonLondon Dungeon HeadsLondon Dungeon PhotoWaxwork DummiesLondon DungeonLondon Dungeon Dummies
London Dungeon Photo: TortureLondon Dungeon TorturerLondon Dungeon Photo: SurgeonLondon Dungeon SurgeonLondon Dungeon PhotoDungeon DoctorLondon Dungeon PhotoDungeon Doctor
London Dungeon PhotoDungeon CourtroomLondon Dungeon PhotoDungeon Courtroom - The JudgeMrs Lovett's Pie Shop at The London DungeonMrs. Lovett's Famous PiesLondon Dungeon Photo: Mrs Lovett's Pie ShopLondon Dungeon Mrs Lovett's Pie Shop
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