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Top Cat Banksy Robbo

London Street Art Gallery


Banksy and Robbo have an ongoing turf war over street art locations. Read more below...
Top Cat Banksy Robbo

Date Photo Taken: 4 November 2010.

Location: Regent's Canal. Enter at Camden High Street and walk towards King's Cross. About five minutes walk from Camden Lock, just under Camden Street bridge. (Try the Regent's Canal Walk From Little Venice to Camden to see this and find more London street art.)

Artist: Robbo (over Banksy).

This has completed changed (see photo of how it before). Banksy and Robbo had a turf war over this street art site throughout 2010 but I'm unsure if this image of Top Cat with a tombstone stating "RIP Banksy's career" has actually been done by Robbo as he is not known for his stencil art.

More Banksy In The Area:
See Fishing Boy and Aristorat which are also along the Regent's Canal.

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