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Karl Marx

Highgate Cemetery Photo Gallery


Karl Marx, father of Marxist philosophy, died in 1883. The Communist Party of Great Britain had this tombstone built in 1954 with a bust by Laurence Bradshaw.
Karl Marx Memorial, East Cemetery, Highgate Cemetery, London

Karl Marx Memorial, East Cemetery, Highgate Cemetery, London

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Highgate Cemetery in north London opened in 1839 and is the final resting place of many famous names such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren and Jeremy Beadle.

The cemetery is on both sides of Swain's Lane in Highgate, N6 (directions). The East Cemetery is open daily and you can visit for a small fee. A map is available showing graves of particular interest. This is side where you can see Karl Marx. To visit the West Cemetery you must join a tour, organized by the Friends of Highgate Cemetery, as the ground is unsafe in many places. The tour fees go towards the upkeep and repairs on site. (See latest tours information.)

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