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Many wonderful moments can be caught on camera while walking around London. Here is a selection of views of London that not everyone sees.
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Royal Wedding Photos
I enjoyed the royal wedding day immensely and here are some of the photos, mostly taken by me on the day, to try and convey the atmosphere in London.

London Webcams
Have a look around London even when you're not here via these London webcams placed around our great city.

Landmark London Sights
A collection of photos of landmark London sights, including Big Ben, the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, and St Paul's Cathedral.

Tower Bridge Lift Times
See photos of Tower Bridge lifting and find out about the Tower Bridge lift times and more.

What You Don't Always See
This collection of photos highlights London sights not everyone notices, the small details that add so much to the city's character.

Changing of the Guard Photos
Changing of the Guard photos from outside Buckingham Palace in London.

Harry Potter Film Locations in London
There are many Harry Potter film locations in London and this gallery should help you identify some of them.

Trafalgar Square Sights
Trafalgar Square itself has many interesting sights including: Nelson's Column, The National Gallery, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

London Nose
Admiralty Arch was commissioned by King Edward VII in memory of his mother Queen Victoria and is in the south west corner of Trafalgar Square. While the building itself is most impressive there is particularly unusual feature to see, the London nose.

4 o'clock Parade at Horse Guards
The 4 o'clock Parade is at Horse Guards, the official entrance to Buckingham Palace even though it on on the other side of St. James's Park.

Have you ever seen a royal guard get it wrong?
Royal Guards do a magnificent job so I am not trying to highlight faults but to find out if anyone else has seen things go wrong during guard ceremonies such as Changing of the Guard.

Highgate Cemetery
Highgate Cemetery in north London opened in 1839 and is the final resting place of many famous names such as Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren and Jeremy Beadle. Enjoy these photos and find more about how to visit.

Pearly Kings & Queens
Photos of Pearly Kings & Queens in London.

Fortnum and Mason Clock
The Fortnum and Mason clock chimes with eighteen bells every fifteen minutes and on the hour, every hour, Mr Fortnum and Mr Mason appear!

London Aerial Photography Gallery
Aerial photography of London by Jason Hawkes, one of Europe's finest aerial photographers. Jason has won numerous awards and has worked with clients including Nike and UBS Warburg. Get a taster of some of his aerial photography of London.

Viewing Terrace Near Tower Bridge
Find out about a 'secret' viewing terrace where you can get an excellent view of Tower Bridge. A real hidden find for London photographers!

Globe Theatre Park Street Photos
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre was originally on Park Street, a short walk from the site of the rebuilt Globe Theatre. The site is marked by a plaque, and some information boards as well as a useful granite line showing the original theater location.

Diana Memorial Fountain
The Diana Memorial Fountain is in Hyde Park London and is free to visit. It opened in 2004 and is not a typical fountain. Find out more...

Speakers' Corner
Ever since the Royal Parks and Garden's Act of 1872 permitted free assembly, speakers - and listeners - have gathered at Speakers' Corner Hyde Park to set the world right.

Household Cavalry Photos from Wellington Arch
Photos of the Household Cavalry on their way to the Changing of the Guards at Horse Guards Parade, taken from the viewing gallery at the top of Wellington Arch. I caught a rare sight - a guard came off his horse!

UK Currency Photographs
Have a look at some pictures of UK sterling currency to familiarize yourself before your trip.

Virtual Tour of the Houses of Parliament
The Armchair Travel Company offer you the chance to explore Parliament and the Royal Palace of Westminster without leaving home!

Reader's London Street Art Photos
London street art changes on an almost daily basis so when I created the London Street Art Gallery I added a submission form to each image for you to add more recent photos.See submissions

London Street Art Gallery
London has a fantastic street art scene with some artists really making a name for themselves. Street art isn't graffiti or simply tagging names; it's created by talented artists who have chosen to create their work for all to see in public spaces. This is a gallery of photos of London's street art that you can add to.

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