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Horniman Museum


Horniman Museum, London: Main Entrance

Main Entrance

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About The Horniman Museum:

The Horniman Museum in south London gives you the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural world for free. Founded by the Victorian tea trader, Frederick Horniman, in 1901, much of the original collection is still on display. But it's not an old-fashioned place: the library has a grass roof, and the Horniman Gardens reopened in 2012.

The aquarium opened in 2006 and is designed so that young children can easily see the displays which include tropical Coral Reefs as well as British Pond Life. There is a small annual pass charge for the aquarium but the museum galleries are still free to visit.

The taxidermy exhibits are quite spectacular - especially the walrus which was overstuffed as the taxidermist responsible didn't realize that a walrus has lots of loose skin, having never seen one before.

No trip to the Horniman Museum would be complete without a walk around the delightful gardens which were completed renovated in 2012. Enjoy the Sunken Garden for peace or head to the Bandstand to enjoy an outdoor concert. Or you can grab a coffee from the cafe and sit in the conservatory.


100 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ (Local maps)

Public Transport:

Forest Hill train station in under 10 minutes walk away and is on the London Overground line between Highbury and Islington and West Croydon / Crystal Palace. There are also many local buses that stop outside.

Use Journey Planner toplan your route by public transport.

Telephone: 020 8699 1872

Email: enquiry@horniman.ac.uk

Opening Times: Daily: 10.30am - 5.30pm

Museum & Garden Admission: Free.

Official Website: www.horniman.ac.uk

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