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Royal Air Force Museum London

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RAF Museum
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The Royal Air Force Museum is in northwest London and is always free to visit. It's located on an Aerodrome and is the only London attraction to house over 100 aircraft from around the world.

My Visit

Oh wow. This place is huge. I know I should have realized that as there are so many aeroplanes here but it just hits you when you arrive.

I decided to drive to the museum (a rare choice for me) and there's a car park charge split by 0-3 hours or 3-6 hours. I joked with my daughter that we were only having a quick visit but let's get the longer ticket in case we decide to stay for lunch.

I'm so glad we did get the longer ticket as our 'quick visit' turned into over 4 hours and I still can't tell you much of what we saw as we raced through each zone as we were having so much fun. You could easily spend a day here; especially if you bring children as the Aeronauts Interactive Centre is superb fun. There are also free downloadable museum trails and quizzes from the official website.

North American P-51 Mustang

North American P-51 Mustang

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The Wesley Cafe is nicely positioned in amongst the exhibits which makes grabbing a quick cuppa even more fun. I then had a picnic lunch in the children's area even though I was hoping to get to the restaurant.

We visited on a weekday during the Battle of Britain 70th anniversary celebrations and got to see the Our Finest Hour sound and light show which brought the battle to life.

I'm looking forward to returning so I can actually read some of the information labels this time. My daughter wants to return so she can practice her flying skills!

RAF Museum Visitor Information

RAF Museum

Kids entering a Sunderland

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Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5LL

Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

Opening Times: 10am-6pm
Check official website for latest opening times.

Official Website: www.rafmuseum.org.uk

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