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How Do I Avoid London Accommodation Fraudsters?


Question: How Do I Avoid London Accommodation Fraudsters?
I've heard from a distraught reader who found her London accommodation on www.easyroommate.com, signed a contract and sent the money in advance via Western Union and now the person has run off with all her money and can't be contacted. After spending 3 months wages on this accommodation she's obviously devastated. It turns out the police in her country have heard of this fraudster before but can't stop people sending money. And now she's back advertising on www.easyroommate.com again.
Answer: I don't fully know what we can do to stop people like this but my best advice is DO NOT send more than a minimum deposit to secure a booking before you arrive in London. Also, be cautious if you are asked to send money via Western Union as I've been contacted by fraudsters before and this is their preferred method of payment.

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