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Kew Gardens Visitor Information


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Kew Gardens Visitor Tips
Queen Charlotte's Cottage, Kew Gardens, London

Queen Charlotte's Cottage, Kew Gardens, London

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Getting to Kew Tip
If you are traveling with a child in a buggy, go to Richmond station (it's only one more stop) and come back on the Eastbound train to Kew Gardens. This way you can avoid the steps and bridge over the train tracks. See more tips for Visiting Kew Gardens with Children.

Clothing Tips

  • Wear a jacket that is easy to remove when inside the glasshouses as they are hot and humid.
  • Wear flat shoes as narrow heels will go through the holes in the grated floor in the Palm House.


Fire Alarm Tip
All public indoor areas have regular fire alarm testing. Check doors to indoor areas for fire alarm testing notices.

More Toilets Near Victoria Gate
As well as the toilets out the other side of the Victoria Plaza, there are more toilets and another baby changing station around the corner along the side of the lake (less than a minute away).

More Tea for Your Money
A paper cup of tea in the Victoria Plaza is the same price as a pot of tea (2 cups) in the Pavilion Restaurant.

Ramp Access to Temperate House
Disabled access is available at the back of the Temperate House.

Top Tips for Kids


Best Picnic Spots

  • Next to the River Thames, near the Badger Sett, marked as a View Point on the free map. There are bench seats available and plenty of space to laze on the grass.
  • In front of Queen Charlotte's Cottage is a good quiet picnic spot, as it has even ground and some shaded areas, although the nearest toilets are about 10 minutes walk away, near the Waterlily Pond.
  • Near the Waterlily Pond is another good spot with bench seating.
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