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100+ Free Things to Do in London

London for Free


Don't let people put you off with tales of how expensive it is here as there are an incredible amount to do in London without spending any money.

London doesn't split into neighborhoods as easily as US cities but I have tried to organize this list by area. Every free thing listed has a link for more information.

1. Westminster

The Palace of Westminster in London
Aping Vision / STS/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Westminster covers a huge area of central London and even though this is where you will find most of the high-priced attractions there is still plenty on offer at no cost at all. Do see: Free Things to Do in Westminster.

2. Fitrovia & Bloomsbury

Peter Pan Statue at Gt Ormond Street Hospital
© Laura Porter

Fitzrovia is the area north of Oxford Street and Bloombury is east of Tottenham Court Road.

5. City Borders

Somerset House (Down in the light wells)
© Laura Porter

City Borders is not an official area but I've tried to group places near to the City of London.

7. South London (including South Bank)

Appearing Rooms Fountains, Southbank Centre
© Laura Porter

The South Bank itself is a magnificent free area in London. It's a wonderful place to walk next to the River Thames with iconic views. The summer brings the Watch This Space free entertainment outside the National Theatre and the Appearing Rooms Fountains outside the Southbank Centre.

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