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Free Skating in London

Weekly Rollerskating Events in London


Updated June 25, 2014

London has some great parks for skating and many regular FREE skating events if you fancy meeting up with some like-minded folks.

London Friday Night Skate

The London Friday Night Skate meets every Friday at 8pm at Duke of Wellington Arch at Hyde Park and is a ten to fifteen mile skate around the streets of London. Routes change each week so check the web site for details. This is a really popular and well-organized weekly event with volunteer marshalls (on skates) ensuring traffic is made aware of all skaters. They even have a mobile sound system on a bicycle to keep you going. Be aware, your skating level should be intermediate or above. The London Friday Night Skate intends to happen every Friday but will cancel is the weather conditions are dangerous. An official announcement appears on the web site at 5pm on Friday to confirm all the details for that night.

London Friday Night Skate official web site: www.lfns.co.uk

Easy Peasy Skate

Easy Peasy Skate meets every Saturday at 10.30am at the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park. This event is suitable for children and adults. Note: you'll need skates with a heel brake and protective gear to take part. They do run a 30-minute introductory workshop before each 'meet' (£5 per novice skater). For more information check out the Easy Peasy Skate FAQs.

Easy Peasy Skate official web site: www.easypeasyskate.com

Sunday Stroll

The Sunday Stroll meets every Sunday at 2pm at Serpentine Road (east site) in Hyde Park. It's an easy two-hour skate for all abilities (although you must be able to stop).

Sunday Stroll official web site: www.lfns.co.uk

The London Friday Night Skate and The Sunday Stroll have the same organizers: www.lfns.co.uk. You can learn loads about the London skating scene from their informative web site.

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