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You will regularly hear from travelers how expensive London can be, but London has lots of places that are free including museums and galleries, musical and ceremonial performances along with shopping and markets.
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100+ Free Things to Do in London
Don't let people put you off with tales of how expensive it is in London as there are an incredible amount of free things to do. I've tried to group ideas in this list by area so you can enjoy as many as possible.

What's the Best Free Thing to Do in London?
Let us know what you think are the best free things to do in London.

Free Things to Do in London with Kids
You might think that London is not a very child-friendly city but you'd be wrong. You may also think of London as an expensive city. Wrong again! There is always something going on for children and families and there are plenty of free things to do for in London children too.

2nd Top 10 Free Things to Do in London
You've seen the Top Ten Free Things to Do in London so what else is there? Well, here's is the second Top Ten Free Things to Do in London with more ideas to keep you busy in London without costing you a penny.

Free Things to Do in London with Parents
When the parents come to London you need to make sure you know the best places to impress them. This list has the best ideas and all are completely free.

Free London Small Museums
There are lots of free museums and galleries in London, from the large-scale to the single room type. This list focuses on the best of the small free London museums that are certainly worth a visit.

Free Things to Do in the City of London
The City of London is actually only a small area east of central London, also known as the Square Mile. The City of London becomes really quiet at the weekend when the workers aren't there. It's well worth a visit as it's full of historical buildings next to modern additions. And, there's loads to do for free.

Best Free London Museums
You may be surprised to hear this but a lot of London's major museums and art galleries offer free admission. Here's a list of the best of the big names you can visit for free all year round.

Best Free London Public Toilets
We all need to need where the best loos are in central London whether we're visiting or local. London train stations (not tube stations) all have toilets but are not usually free.

One New Change Roof Terrace
One New Change is a shopping mall opposite St Paul's Cathedral that has a roof terrace which offers stunning views, especially of the cathedral.

Trafalgar Square Sights
Trafalgar Square in London has many interesting sights including Nelson's Column and The National Gallery. Find out more about this world famous square.

Supreme Court
This stunning building on Parliament Square is often overlooked as it's so close to the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey but it's well worth a visit. Plus it's free.

Paddington Rolling Bridge
When is a bridge not a bridge? When it spends most the week rolled up in an octagon and only opens once a week to span an inlet of the Grand Union Canal.

Fun Free Day Out for All The Family
Here's a great day for families with children of all ages. It starts at the British Museum, takes in a free children's playground, and visits spooky university museums.

23/24 Leinster Gardens - Dummy House Facade
23/24 Leinster Gardens, London W2 are not what they first seem. They are actually dummy houses and there is literally only the front facade! A walk around the back reveals a gaping hole and a railway line. Find out more...

Free Things to do in London on Sundays
Don't think there's nothing to do on the weekend without spending lots of money. Here are plenty of ideas to help keep Sundays fun.

Gresham College Free Public Lectures
Gresham College has no students and does not teach courses but is an educational institution of higher learning that exists to provide free public lectures. The free public lectures have been running for over 400 years.

London Auction House Viewings
London auction houses offer free viewing of all auction sale lots about a week before the auction day. Contact the auction houses directly to see what they have coming up.

Abbey Road Crossing
Cross the road at the zebra crossing on Abbey Road in London and recreate the famous Beatles album cover.

Comedy Cafe - Free Wednesdays
Every Wednesday the Comedy Cafe in London has its famous New Act Night.

Free Skating in London
London has some great parks for skating and many regular FREE skating events if you fancy meeting up with some like-minded folks.

Inner Space - Meditation and Self-Development Center
Inner Space is a meditation and self-development center in Covent Garden, central London. After visiting the bookshop, try the free Quiet Room where you can relax and unwind. What an oasis of calm in such a busy city!

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs
These Victorian concrete sculptures can be seen for free in a south London park.

Free Things to Do in Westminster
Westminster covers a large proportion of central London including many of the well-known attractions but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of free things to do. In fact Westminster has plenty of free activities whether you're visiting with friends, bringing the family or on a date.

Grays Antiques - River Tyburn
London has many lost rivers and one, The River Tyburn, can be seen in an shopping centre off Oxford Street - with goldfish in it!

Tyburn Convent
The Tyburn Convent at Marble Arch has the Shrine to the Martyrs to remember those who died at the Tyburn gallows.

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