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London Events, Holidays & Festivals

There is always something going on in London. Find out what's happening now by clicking on each month. You'll be directed to monthly events and weather guides with extra information about the events on further pages.
  1. January Events & Festivals (8)
  2. February Events & Festivals (9)
  3. March Events & Festivals (14)
  4. April Events & Festivals (12)
  5. May Events & Festivals (38)
  6. June Events & Festivals (14)
  7. July Events & Festivals (16)
  8. August Events & Festivals (8)
  9. Sept Events & Festivals (21)
  10. October Events & Festivals (5)
  11. Nov Events & Festivals (8)
  12. Dec Events & Festivals (33)

London Calendar 2011
Print your free 2011 London calendar and plan your time in the capital. It also features a handy tick-box for keeping track of which days in a month you are in London. Use the links below to print the calendar one month at a time or print the full 2011 calendar . (It's in .pdf format, without ads.)

Royal Wedding

Since they announced their engagement in November, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been the talk of the town. Find out more about this young royal couple who may well rule England in the future.

Bank Holidays
Find what a Bank Holiday is in England and how it affects opening hours, etc.

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