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Hatfield House

London Day Trip

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Hatfield House
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Hatfield House is a short train ride from London and celebrated it's 400th anniversary in 2011. It is the home of the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury and their family, and the Estate has been in the Cecil family for 400 years.

About Hatfield House

Hatfield House was built by Robert Cecil, the first Earl of Salisbury and son of Lord Burghley, the chief minister of Elizabeth I. It was completed in 1611 and remained with the Cecil family who still live here today.

The surrounding deer park and Old Palace building were owned by Elizabeth's father, Henry VIII, who used it as a home for his children, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary. It was while she was living in the Old Palace, in 1558, that Elizabeth learned of her accession to the throne.

Seen It In The Movies

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Hatfield House is a popular film location and was Lara Croft's home in Tomb Raider. It can also be seen in Shakespeare in Love, Sherlock Holmes, The King's Speech and many more.

What to See

Inside the House, highlights include the oak-panelled Marble Hall and the grand staircase as well as the Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I. The Victorian kitchen has been restored and The Long Gallery is 170 feet long and has wonderful views of the grounds.

Outside of the building, the gardens are a delight and many visit just to walk in the grounds and see the site of the original Oak tree under which her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I heard of her succession to the throne.

Visiting Hatfield House

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It's a 20 minute train ride from King's Cross station and Hatfield station is opposite the House. It couldn't be simpler!

Opening Times: As this is a private home it is not open all year round; usually May to September. Check opening times on official website.

Tickets: There is a charge to visit the House and the gardens and you can choose to visit only the gardens.

Official Website: www.hatfield-house.co.uk

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