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How To See The London 2012 Olympics Park


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Pudding Mill Lane DLR
Pudding Mill Lane DLR Platform View

Pudding Mill Lane DLR Platform View

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Keen cyclists and walkers can join The Greenway at other locations, but for most of us the simplest route is to go to Pudding Mill Lane DLR station, which is only one stop away from Stratford.

Use Journey Planner to plan your route by public transport.

This is the view you'll have when you arrive at the station:

  • 1. The Olympic Stadium
  • 2. The View Tube - the viewing platform you want to get to
  • 3. The stairs to exit the station

Now you know you're heading for the bright lime green buildings, go down the stairs and turn left immediately. Don't walk straight out or you'll miss the way across to the viewing platform. The next photo will hopefully help.

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