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Opera Holland Park


Opera Holland Park London - Inside the Theatre

Opera Holland Park

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Annual event from June to early August.


The Holland Park Theater is situated in the middle of Holland Park. Entrance to the park is via Ilchester Place Gate, Abbotsbury Road Car Park, The Duchess of Bedford Gate or from Holland Walk and Holland Park Avenue.

Nearest Tube Stations:

High Street Kensington
Turn left on leaving the station, cross the road at the traffic lights, and turn left. The entrance to the park is on the right just after Ask Pizza.

Holland Park
Cross over the road at the traffic lights and turn right toward Shepherds Bush. Walk along Holland Park Avenue and turn into Holland Park on the left. Continue up Abbotsbury Road until you reach a sign-post for The Belvedere Restaurant on the left. The theater is just past the restaurant and Dutch Gardens.


See full booking details on the official website.

Official Website:

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