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The Chap Olympiad

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The Chap Olympiad

Olympic Pipe

The Chap Olympiad

Three Trousered Limbo

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Opening Ceremony

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The Chap Olympiad is a hilarious annual event held in July in London. Some of the unusual 'sports' include the Three Trousered Limbo, Cucumber Sandwich Discus and Pipe Smoker's Relay, all in the hope of going home with the coveted gold cravat. It's a chance for the British to show what they do best: dress inappropriately, drink G&Ts, and make complete buffoons of themselves.

When: Annual July event.

2014 Date: Saturday 12 July 2014 starting at 12 midday.

See the official website to confirm details.

Where: Bedford Square Gardens,London WC1

Nearest Tube Stations:

  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Goodge Street

Tickets: £20. Buy online.

What Is It?

The Chap is a "satirical magazine for modern gentlemen" (in their words!) and the annual Chap Olympiad has been voted by The Sunday Times one of the top events of the summer.

You can expect to see competitors of all ages, abilities, and persuasions. Athleticism or sportswear is not required, as the prizes – gold, silver and bronze cravats – are awarded purely for panache, savoir-faire, and amusing head-wear. Hundreds of spectators watch the games whilst sipping G&Ts.

An Olympic Pipe is lit for the Opening Ceremony and passed around the contestants to the rousing tune of the National Anthem played by a brass band. The athletes flex their pipe-smoking jaws and their cocktail-shaking wrist muscles in a languid parade around the field, and then the pipe is placed on the Olympic Pipe rack and the games commence.

The Chap Olympiad Event List

There are ten events in all and are often chosen close to the big day. Previous events have included:

  • The Three-Trousered Limbo
    Pairs of contestants sharing enormous trousers must wriggle under a steadily lowered pole while 1930s calypso music is played on a gramophone player. The trousers must remain at a discreet level with points deducted for underwear revelation.
  • Moustache Wrestling
  • Bounders
    Chaps approach a row of ladies and are given two minutes to behave like utter cads. The winner is the bounder who receives the loudest slap accompanied by the wryest smile.
  • Quill Throwing
  • Hop, Skip and G&T
    Contestants must leap into a sandpit holding a brimming gin and tonic. The remaining liquid in the glass is measured and points deducted for spillages.
  • Martini Knockout Relay
  • Cucumber Sandwich Discus
    A plate of cucumber sandwiches is hurled across the field, with extra points if the sandwich remains edible.
  • Umbrella Jousting
  • Shouting at Foreigners
    Contestants must procure gentlemanly essentials, such as kippers or a trouser press, from a shopkeeper with no command of English and few manners.

At the end of the games the winners are awarded their prizes: bowler hats and cucumber medals, and set off on a victory sashay (running would be too uncouth) around the Square.

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