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Twelfth Night Festival Photos

Annual Event: 6 January


Twelfth Night is a free, annual celebration held outside Shakespeare's Globe in London to mark the end of Christmas and welcome the New Year.

You can read the Twelfth Night program on the official website but this the gist:
1. The Holly Man arrives by boat on the River Thames.
2. He and the actors toast the people, the River Thames, and The Globe Theatre.
The actors, knowns as Mummers, perform a funny play by Bankside Pier.
3. Cakes given out at the end of the play have a bean and a pea hidden in two of them. Those who find them are hailed King and Queen for the day and get a crown.
4. King Bean and Queen Pea lead the people through the streets to the historic George Inn in Borough High Street to warm up with storytelling, the Kissing Wishing Tree, and more dancing.
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Twelfth Night Festival, London: MusicianMusicianTwelfth Night Festival, London: Holly Man arriving on a boat on The River ThamesHolly Man Arriving by BoatTwelfth Night Festival, London: Holly ManHolly ManTwelfth Night Festival, London: Marching from Shakespeare's Globe to perform the Mummer's PlayProcession
Twelfth Night Festival, London: Old Father ChristmasOld Father ChristmasTwelfth Night Festival, London: Saint GeorgeSaint GeorgeTwelfth Night Festival, London: Folk Combat Play of St. GeorgeFolk Combat Play of St. GeorgeTwelfth Night Festival, London: Saint George in battleSaint George in Battle
Twelfth Night Festival, London: Doctor saving Saint GeorgeDoctor Saving Saint GeorgeTwelfth Night Festival, London: Removing horn from Saint George's headRemoving Horn from St. GeorgeTwelfth Night Festival, London: Jill FinneyJill FinneyTwelfth Night Festival, London: Mummer's PlayMummer's Play
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