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Golden Fish Bar

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Golden Fish Bar London
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The Bottom Line

The Golden Fish Bar on Farringdon Road, EC1 has been around for 150 years and is still popular. There is a restaurant and a takeaway fish and chips shop.


  • Traditional fish and chips
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Traditional interior mostly maintained


  • Bit out of the way
  • Only small so need to get there early


  • Address:
    Golden Fish Bar / Restaurant
    102 Farringdon Road
    EC1R 3EA
  • Telephone number:
    020 7837 3547
  • Nearest Tube Stations:
    • Farringdon
    • Barbican
    • Chancery Lane
    • King's Cross (15 minute walk)
  • Opening Times:
    Monday to Friday:
    11.30am-2.30pm and 5pm-9.30pm

Guide Review - Golden Fish Bar

I had lunch in the Golden Fish Restaurant which is part of the Golden Fish Bar. The restaurant probably seats less that 40 so is quite small and has fixed benches and formica tables. It has a real traditional working class feel about it and is very popular so I recommend getting there early for lunch.

I'm a chip connoisseur but I don't eat fish so I took along a good friend to try it out. She tried Haddock and Chips (£4.30) and Cod Roe and Chips (£2.60) and was impressed by the golden batter which could stay crispy even after adding vinegar. The color of the batter was exactly what you would hope for and it was freshly fried. Do check 'Today's Special' as it's there for a reason.

I had (fried) Egg and Chips (£2.70) and we both ordered mushy peas (65p). This delicacy is an acquired taste but you should try them if you're eating in a fish and chip restaurant. If you're still not sure about the taste, add some vinegar as it helps.

I can report the chips were a good color and were good-sized 'fat chips' but they were a little soft and I like crispy fat chips.

To accompany our meal we chose the traditional drink of a strong cup of tea which was only 40p. If you have room for a dessert the way forward is to have ice-cream, but we were too full from our main course.

The waitress we met was incredibly helpful as she held my baby so I could fold her buggy (it's a small restaurant) and she did everything she could to make sure we were looked after.

If you haven't tried the whole fish and chips experience before you should order some 'extras' such as a picked egg (60p) or 2 pickled onions (50p), or even curry sauce (65p) to dip your chips in. My choice would be have plenty of hot vinegar, a sprinkling of salt, and plenty of tomato ketchup.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Golden Fish Bar not so golden, Member sfindie

2.5 STARS (food) 4.5 STARS (service) My wife and sister-in-law arrived at 2:25PM, which left us about 5 minutes to eat as they close at 2:30PM. When I told the woman we'd read about how great the place was and that we were from the States, she kindly say us down with a 'you have to be finished by 3PM' comment. Fair enough. We ordered scampi and chips, plaice and chips, and fish roe and chips. Now I love fish and chips and will go out of my way to get some good stuff, but this really let me down. Maybe we caught them at the wrong time, but I wasn't at all impressed with this place. The fish roe was a dinosaur egg-sized, American football-shaped chunk of goodness, except for the goodness part. I'm no roe lover, but my wife is and she was really put off by its weird texture, blandness, and dryness. We all loved the scampi and the plaice was average. The latter two had the right amount of crispiness, but again lacked the extra oomf I search for. The decor of the pace was outdated, but I mean that in the best possible way. It was a treat to be there as you don't get many places with that much history in the states. The slight stinkiness of the table, outdate wall art, and rickety wooden benches made the experience quite worth the trek. I wish I could say the same about the food.

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