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easyBus Review

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The Bottom Line

easyBus offer low cost airport transfers to and from Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport and Luton Airport from just £2 one way.

I've used them many times to and from London airports so here are my easyBus tips and review.


  • Cheap
  • Clean and efficient
  • Any airline passengers; not just Easyjet


  • Must plan ahead for best deal
  • Can't take much luggage
  • Small buses not good for large groups
  • Traffic is unpredictable


  • Book online in advance. I usually pay under £5 when a cash fare was £10.
  • As Easyjet is a low-cost carrier that charges for check-in luggage, most easyBus passengers have hand luggage only.
  • The 19-seater buses may be small but they are clean and efficient, especially as no food or drink is allowed on board.

Guide Review - easyBus Review

The easyBus website is simple to use and it is always worth booking online, even if you only decide on the day, as cash fares are always higher and you are not guaranteed a seat on the bus.

Depending on the route, easyBus use coaches or small 19-seater buses. The smaller buses obviously don't have as much luggage storage but this never seems to be an issue as most people I've seen using easyBus have been travelling with hand luggage only.

Luggage has to be stored, not with you at your seat, so be prepared with your book, iPod, etc. in your pockets before joining the queue.

The buses are clean - no food and drink on-board - and the drivers are efficient and generally friendly. I've found asking nicely has got me onto an earlier bus from the airport and I've seen drivers go out of their way to help older passengers. The buses have comfortable seats and are air-conditioned.

While trains can run to a departure and arrival timetable, road services can be subject to traffic delays so always allow extra time for your journey. Arrive early at your pick-up point as the bus will leave at the scheduled time so that means loading luggage and passengers in the 10 minutes before departure.

Generally, if you're travelling light, book online, and allow extra time in case of traffic delays, this is a fine service to choose. It has worked well for me and I'd use it again anytime.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
easybus let people down!! next time it can be you, Member bertbrinkemans

We had tickets for the easybus from Brompton London to Gatwick Airport. We were 15 minutes before scheduled departuretime. The bus came, but did not stop at the busstop. The people waiting for the easybus were flabbergasted. No bus came for the next 40 minutes!!! Many people were waiting in the freezing cold. Finally a bus came, but there were so many people that want to go in, it became a fight! We didn't want to be part of this and took a cab, which cost us 40 pounds, we had to run for our plane, and almost missed it. Never ever easybus!

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